About Us

About Us

Fundraising Gurus UK has been raising funds for charities all over the UK for many years, although many of the recipient charities may never have heard of us. The reason for this is that Fundraising Gurus UK is not responsible for the organizing of any fundraising events, purely for ensuring that the maximum amount of money is raised at each event. In recent times we have extended our focus to include not only charities, but also clubs and any other good causes which could benefit from our services.

To coin a phrase from a great lager company - Fundraising Gurus UK - probably, the #1 Dutch Auction specialists in the UK.

Some of the recipient charities that have benefitted so far, include Royal British Legion, SSAFA, Cancer Research UK, MIND, Scope, Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance and Devon & Cornwall Air Ambulance, to name but a few.

How Do We Work?

We use a very simple but effective system to make sure your event has the best chance of success in reaching your preset goals.


1. We meet to discuss your plan.

2. We agree how to proceed.

3. We offer you any help you need before the event. 

 On the day/night of your event, we take over the reins and do all we can to achieve and go beyond your expectations!! The amount of assistance given to you is totally dependant upon how much you feel you need during the buildup to your big day, and this can be given either over the phone or by visiting you, your choice. Our service does come at a cost, a one-off cost, payable from the proceeds on the night, and is based solely on distance. This cost includes unlimited help via phone calls and up to 3 visits, which is usually more than is needed for a hugely successful event.


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